Dessert Intervention

Posted On June 24th, 2013

Dear Dessert,

Your friends, family and I are concerned.  It seems we needed to stage this intervention, as you have been more and more intoxicated over the past few weeks.  Your smooth, sugary, refreshing self has left us feeling sort of boozy and what scares us… is we like it… I mean, we LOVE it!

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boozy milkshakes, boozy icebox cake,  basil & grapefruit popsicles, smores milkshake, cupcake shots, peanut butter cup boozy brownies

Take a Dip

Posted On June 19th, 2013

Dear Woe is Me,

I’m afraid your dream of having an incredibly swanky soaking pool in your back yard has not come to fruition.  And according to your hubby, nor will it… dream killer!  So, instead of dipping my toes, I’ll be dipping into a little something else… my wallet for some gold dipped jewels!

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triangle studs , raw amethyst,  quartz pendant, feather earrings, kyanite pendant, ring

Airstream Love

Posted On June 12th, 2013

Dear Summer,

Well, you creeped in, teasing us with a wildly cool spring full of sunny days and blissful winds… but yesterday, you arrived with your 90 degree vengeance.  So, I’ve decide to ignore you and think of vintage airstream trips filled with snow cones and cool breezes.

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camper note cards (we sell these in our shop), denim shorts, turban headband,  silver and pink airstream, hoop, poster,  striped keds,  boozy sno cones

Posted On August 7th, 2012

Dear Serenity,

I believe I found you in this outrageously fabulous tent.  Will I ever have you in this outrageously fabulous tent… more then likely no… but I can dream.  So just in case, I have picked out a few things… you know, if we win the lottery or something.

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Tent, Driftwood Chandelier, Pillows, Dress,  Trunk,  Candle

Going for the Gold

Posted On August 6th, 2012

Dear Olympic Dreams,

I’m pretty sure it is safe to say, you will never happen.  I will never stand on the podium with my hand on my heart singing our countries national anthem with a shiny gold medal hanging from my neck.  I however, can get my very own shiny medals in my very own unique way… so while I may not be fast, quick or strong… I can certainly be stylish.

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Gold Disc Necklace,  Coral Disc,  Circle Necklace,


To the Max

Posted On June 22nd, 2012

Dear Legs,

What am I going to do with you?!  You are white as a ghost and not looking very summery in the least.  Good think I am obsessing over maxi skirts right now… I’m saving you some serious ghost like embarrassment.

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blue ikat,  striped chifon, floral maxi, pleated crepe, red maxi,  black and white maxi,  georgette

Pack it Up

Posted On June 20th, 2012

Dear Pantry,

Looks like I will soon be filling you with delicious treats… just not the edible kind.  After recently finding Garnish, and all the amazing packaging options they have for foods and more… I have been dreaming of packing my pantry shelves with strawberry boxes and milk containers… just in case.  You never know when I feel like baking breads or tasty delights to deliver to a friend.  And let’s face it… everything tastes better when it is wrapped up pretty.

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No Mess

Posted On June 6th, 2012

Dear Iron,

Listen you and me need to talk… after the whole three hour table cloth fiasco at Easter… you just aren’t working for me anymore.  This summer, I’m going to be putting you away and going the chic and easy route… kraft paper.  Don’t be mad… you must have seen this coming… who wouldn’t break up after you burned me and decided to put up such a fight with those wrinkles.  It’s better this way… I’d like to say “it’s not you, it’s me” but truthfully… IT IS YOU!

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fig 1,  fig 2,  fig 3, fig 4,  fig 5,  fig 6

Fascinated with Fascinators

Posted On June 5th, 2012

Dear America,

Can we PLEASE get on board with the fashion of fascinators?!  With all this Queen’s Jubilee business, Duchess Kate is out and about once again wearing her lovely headpiece frocks and I’m reminded how much us Americans are missing out on this fabulous accessory.  So let’s go U.S.A… how about a little hair accessory to brighten your day?!

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Calypso Home

Posted On June 1st, 2012

Dear Bank Account,

I was hoping you could magically increase in size so that I can refurnish my living room with these dreamy pieces from Calypso Home.  And if you could put a little extra in there for a new couch – that would be great!

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